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Kailua Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm specializing in home transformations. From concept, to design, to placing the last piece of decor... we will be there every step of the process.
Based in Kailua, Hi, our team collaborates with local builders, suppliers and decor stores to source the materials for your home. For those off island, we offer virtual consultations to transform your home. A simple makeover or large scale transformation, Kailua Interior Design will help you create a space that feels creative, fully functional, and everything you have dreamed of and more.


Angelique decided to venture into interior design when she saw the pure joy it brought her family when she transformed their first house in Hawaii into a home. Project after project... DIY after DIY... Sawyer and Angelique worked tirelessly to transform their empty house into a space they are excited to welcome guests into and that truly feels like home. 


Angelique has always had a passion for interior design, but when she shared the whole journey on her YouTube channel and received so much interest from others on how she was able to envision the space, she knew it was time to pursue her passion full time. The feeling of creating a home she was proud of is something she wants everyone to experience!


Between her eye of design and your space, Angelique is confident she can help you transform your home. 


Meet Angelique Cooper and her life partner, Sawyer Hartman. A dynamic duo that bring vision and creativity to every project. Each home is different and they will collaborate with the perfect contractor and suppliers to bring your unique vision to life. 


Angelique Cooper



Sawyer Hartman


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